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Marrakech officially designated as the African Culture Capital of 2020

A display of modern-day metropolitan Africa that highlights the variety of African cultural expressions, Marrakech has recently been named the African City of Culture for 2020, the ochre city's mayor Mohamed Larbi Belcaid declared on Friday in Marrakech.

He praised the fact that Marrakech, a city that has been there for a thousand years and has been listed as both a material and intangible cultural property since 2001 and the medina since 1985, will be decorated in African colors in 2020.

Marrakech, a well-known tourist destination, has a significant and dense hotel, tourism, event, sports, and cultural infrastructure, as seen by the architecture of museums, traditional art centers, and modern art centers, he said.

He called for the establishment of an organizing committee for Marrakech 2020 as well as an organizing committee for African capitals in Marrakech due to the city's human foundation, care for multiculturalism, and the depth of its cultural history.

The first-ever African Capitals of Culture envision themselves as a big event that is based and run in Africa with international repercussions. It is an initiative that brings together and supports the expertise, know-how, and talents that make up today's Africa and the diaspora and influence the world of tomorrow.

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