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One-of-a-kind, handmade wonders in Fez medina stalls

The market stalls and small shops in Fez ancient center for the arts is a wonderful place to shop for gifts, souvenirs and mementos.

Time sometimes seems to stand still in the Fez Medina. A large group of artisans are busy creating and selling common handicrafts outside of its high boundaries.

Go around Fez's medina. Many structures and establishments will catch your eye as you explore its alleyways: riads at the end of the street, "madrasas" close to mosques, museums, and art galleries all properly occupy Fez's "El-Bali," or "old," heart.

Visit the El "Henna" market, which is well-known for its selection of goods used by Moroccan ladies to maintain their beauty.

One of the most well-liked treats of the place is everything you need for a full "Hammam" ritual, including henna-based hair products. The fragrance of wood permeates the design in the "Nejjarines" neighborhood. There, they establish themselves as woodworkers.

You'll be able to taste a longing comeback as soon as you enter the pottery and ceramics markets. The "blue of Fez" is one of the most exquisite Moroccan handicrafts made there.

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