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The sky-blue washed walls of Chefchaouen's winding alleys

There is perhaps nowhere else in the world quite like Chefchaouen. From a distance, it resembles most other northern Moroccan towns, with its cluster of square structures perched on a mountainside.

But up close, its singularity becomes apparent. It is blue there. Not just a few here and there, virtually the entire town. It's a very lovely, little strange sensation that seems nearly like strolling underwater.

Chefchaouen is a stunningly beautiful city. The medina, a kasbah, and the cobbled Plaza Uta el-Hammam may all be found amid the twisting lanes, and the surrounding mountains make nearly every location a photo opportunity.

The Ras El Ma waterfall is just outside the town, and the renowned Akchour Cascades are visible if you are willing to drive a few kilometres further.

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