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Quintessential Morocco Tour

FROM $10,295
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Enjoy an 11-day bespoke tour of Morocco with your private, hand-selected English-speaking chauffeur. Rest assured in the peace of mind that your tour is being handled by local Moroccan experts on every enchanting step.

Day 1: Casablanca, the White City

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  • 1-2 people: $20,295 per person

  • 3-4 people: $16,603 per person

  • 5+ people: Enquire about custom pricing


  • 1-2 people: $15,949 per person

  • 3-4 people: $13,074 per person

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  • 1-2 people: $12,559 per person

  • 3-4 people: $10,295 per person

  • 5+ people: Enquire about custom pricing


Discover why Journey Morocco's esteemed guests call our bespoke tours"the trip of a lifetime..."

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Even before you arrive at the Casablanca airport, the anticipation of your custom tour will begin. You won't believe it until you leave the airport and are greeted by your English-speaking chauffeur and new friend.


Journey Morocco's drivers are a big part of what sets them apart; visitors consistently praise them as among the highlight of their trip because of the insight they provide into everyday life in Morocco.

Envision being greeted by palm trees and Moroccan flags as you exit the airport...

Your own personal chauffeur will transport you to your lodgings. Your driver will take you to Hassan II, one of the largest mosques in the world, as soon as you feel comfortable there. Its size and amazing architecture will astound you, and its religious and historical significance will fill you with awe.

The interior was meticulously planned, and you'll get to see it on your tour.

Glass flooring in part of the mosque allows visitors and worshipers a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean below. Step back outside to snap a photo of the stunning minaret and breathe in the sea air.


Envision yourself waking up in Morocco, ready to experience the plan you've been working on for weeks.

You'll be taking a road trip to Fes today, stopping in Rabat, a coastal city, on the route. Before you and your driver set out on your journey, stop for a traditional Moroccan breakfast.


Rabat is of particular relevance as it is the seat of government in Morocco and the official residence of King Mohammed VI. After a delicious lunch in Rabat, you'll continue on to the historic city of Fes. Car rides are a great way to unwind, get to know your driver, and pick his brain about the best of Morocco and what you shouldn't miss.

Fes is the next stop on your trip. Fes is one of my favorite cities since it is full with interesting locals, unique stores, and thrilling streets. Don't pass up the orange juice from the roadside stand; after all, this is your one and only vacation!