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Tangier, Gateway to Morocco

Europe's entryway to Africa has always been Tangier, which guards the Strait of Gibraltar. Since it wasn't even ruled by Morocco for a significant portion of its history, its blend of cultures and influences is exceptional in Morocco.



You'll encounter a special city with a multiracial heritage on the coastlines of Tangier in northern Morocco, where the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans meet. The streets of "the White" Tangier are lined with houses that have lime paint on them.


When you first arrive, let yourself get taken away by the city's dreamlike aura, much as Delacroix or Matisse did. At the base of the "Kasbah's" towering walls, explore the vast "Socco's" lanes and take in the citadel that rules the medina. Explore the "Sultan's Palace," which is now devoted to Moroccan arts, which is a short further off.


Together with the arena on the "Plaza de Torros" and the "Cervantes" theater constructed in 1913, Tangier is recognized for the Spanish impact on its culture.


Tangier is a museum in the open air. Treasures from its long and rich history may be seen in its streets, and monuments can be seen all over the place, recalling the splendors of the past. This bustling city should not be disregarded because the souks echo with the sounds of craftsmen using their tools.


Tangier's fame is based on two markets: the large Socco and the smaller one. The vendors are busy in the bustling streets of the medina. Here, it is an early market with lemons, olives, figs, and all the colors of the sun exhibited on its stall.


There, a bystander offers you his goods as a tanner beats and refines hides. Take a brief pause, join the small Socco, and relax on the patio of a café frequented by the world's greatest painters. The charm of Tangier is its fertile countryside, vibrant souks, friendly artisans, and distinctive items that are continuously being reinterpreted!


The white Tangier, which faces the Strait of Gibraltar, is one of those locations where the cultural and natural elements coexist harmoniously; it is a fantastic site to practice mindfulness.


The major beach of the city is conveniently located in the middle of the area, next to some of the most elegant hotels. Here, you may indulge in farniente or try water sports like water skiing, sailing, and even scuba diving in calm, secure seas.


Due in part to its past as an international zone that drew eccentric immigrants, artists, and spies, Tangier has long had a slightly sleazy attraction.


Later, it developed a bad image due to officially approved neglect, and tourists frequently left because of  bustle. Tangier in modern times is very different.


Money has poured in, and the white city now exudes a sense of assurance. A new marina is being built along with a new TGV train line to Casablanca, and the corniche is bustling with activity. The hustlers have been replaced by businesspeople in the new business zone. The cultural scene in Tangier is humming in a manner it hasn't since the 1950s.

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