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Mediterranean serenity awaits at Tangier's coastal resorts

Have you ever dreamed of swimming in the cerulean waters of the Mediterranean Sea? The Greek Isles are a common destination for this - but one equally (if not more!) charming and less crowded is in the colourful city of Tangier, Morocco.

One of those locations where cultural aspects and those of a protected natural environment smoothly meld is the white Tangier, which opens on the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a good place to find mindfulness there.

The major beach of the city is conveniently located in the middle of the city and is only a short distance from some of the most luxurious hotels. Here, you may indulge in farniente or try water sports like sailing, water skiing, and even scuba diving while in calm, secure seas. Its beautifully groomed beach is surrounded with eateries where you may have a drink and sample the local fish. The ambiance is welcoming and lively in the evening. Enjoy the atmosphere and dazzling lights of the location!

An practically empty beach is waiting for you off Tangier's coast, close to the Hercules Caves. You can only take in the scenery and the tranquility of the place on your own in nature.

Tangier has it all, with beaches that blend comfort and authenticity and where the most iconic views coexist with cutting-edge construction.

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