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Rabat, where historical and contemporary art converge

The history of Rabat is deeply ingrained in its culture. Its squares and streets are adorned with several masterpieces. See the magnificent and majestic Kasbah des Oudayas, which is adorned by the surrounding gardens.

The Chellah, a necropolis from the Merinid era, is next to the fortifications with its towering walls. Walking inside the walls is like entering a different universe as you pass through storks, gardens, and historical ruins.

Thanks to its green spaces, Rabat is a modern eco-friendly capital as well. You may find lovely parks nearby the city, such the Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel or the Botanical Test Garden. The Atlantic Ocean coastlines of Rabat have miles of well-equipped beaches that connect to the neighboring city of Casablanca. Rabat also has an exceptional shoreline.

Rabat is a vibrant city with contemporary facilities and a range of festivals. All the amenities, including the airport, tram, shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants, are close by. Enjoy the vibrant music that Rabat celebrates like no other city, including Mawazine, Jazz au Chellah, and many other genres that fill the air with global sounds and rhythms!

Rabat is a city where the most cutting-edge technological advancements and ecologically friendly achievements coexist together.

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