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Diamond Travel has been providing visitors to Morocco with exemplary service through unmatched, personalised customer care for years. 

Many of our clients are repeat visitors and referrals from other happy guests. We are always pleased and eager to welcome our esteemed customers' friends, families, and colleagues. It is our pleasure to share our exceptional experiences with you.

We offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your trust and loyalty. It brings us joy to be able to provide you with the very highest quality personalized travel services Morocco has to offer.





"I booked a series of several-day tours from Casablanca. Redouane contacted me promptly via text to greet me, introduce himself and learn more about my trip. He provided excellent, informative advice for how to make the most of my schedule, suggesting a few key tweaks to maximize my time in Morocco.

"Redouane went above and beyond, customizing a complete itinerary for my trip which not only ensured that I saw everything on my list, but also had a few delightful additions of sights I didn't know about. 

"He coordinated drivers, lodging, meals and local, English-speaking tour guides to my budget, dietary, and other specifications, taking all of my requests into account and under careful consideration.

"Any changes or deviations from the approved itinerary were presented to me in advance and reasoning explained in detail, leaving the final decision up to me, which was greatly appreciated. They were highly knowledgeable and flexible.

"Redouane took the care to describe my particular areas of interest to the local guides, who then made sure to highlight sites and features I wouldn't like to miss.

"As a solo female traveler on my first trip to Morocco, I was initially uncertain about safety and local etiquette; my concerns were quickly laid to rest by their  professionalism and knowledge.

"The tour vehicle, a Mercedes-Benz van, was newer, clean inside and out, and in great condition. Communication was excellent throughout the trip, all of the guides and drivers were fun, insightful, courteous, punctual and professional.

"Redouane sent a driver to meet me at the airport upon arrival, made sure I was at my gate in time for departure and took care of all of the details so the only thing left for me to do was enjoy!

- W7138X, Los Angeles, CA

10-Day Private Tour of Morocco
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AUGUST 26, 2022


"I did a multi-day custom tour arranged through Redouane, for which Hicham was my driver and guide. I had a fantastic experience and greatly appreciated Hicham’s efforts to make each day of the tour memorable and his wealth of knowledge about each destination. I highly recommend Hicham and the company for any trip to Morocco!"

- chadk635, Boston, MA

Multi-Day Custom Tour of Morocco
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AUGUST 10, 2022


"We had the most spectacular experience with Redouane!!! He was very engaging with everyone including the kids! He was a plethora of information the entire day and made sure we saw all the key aspects of the city. We had such an amazing time that we went on to book him for the remainder of our stay. Top notch guy, best attitude and loads of fun!"

- Dusha D., Cedarhurst, NY

Casablanca Full-Day City Tour

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APRIL 28, 2022


Friends, ask for Redouane! I found this travel agency through tripadvisor, and initially I only booked the transfer from the airport to the hotel and back. But he was such a pleasure to work with, that I ended up doing 3 days of touring, all coordinated by Redouane! He is amazing, A+, timely, cheap, I dont have enough words to describe.

"Specific reasons why i would recomend using this agency, and specifically Redouane:

A. he is always available via whatsapp

B. he is timely, when you are on holiday you want to make the most out of your days, and when a tour operator is late or hasnt made thorough arangements, time is wasted.

C. he thinks of everything (bringing cold water, buying admission tickets into attractions, calling the airport ahead to have belboys bring carts to assist us with luggage).

D. he speaks a perfect english,

E. he was able to interact well with the different members of our group, from age 5 months through age 46 years.

F. he was able to adjust the plan "on the fly" based on the needs of the group.

"the list goes on and on. (he can sing also ) but you shouldnt use him just becuse of that, that is an added bonus. I cant recomend him high enough. really, he was amazing and highly recommended."


- Bob R., Rehovot, Israel

Multi-city 3 Day Custom Tour of Morocco

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APRIL 24, 2022


"This tour was very nice and I can definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see more of Morocco than just Marrakech. :-) The trip was very well-organized and the driver was professional and also very friendly. The car was nice as well and the trip was flexible - meaning when I said something is important for me or I want to do a specific activity, they added that to the trip.

"I would for sure recommend this tour to my friends or anyone else who wants to see more of Marrakech, you will see a lot of mountains, sand dunes and just a lot of the rural Morocco and you will get a lot of nice pictures. Just as I was doing this trip in November, it obviously gets very cold at night in the desert, so I recommend you bring something warm with you & jacket."

- Q6996GZandreas

3 Days Luxury Desert Tour from Marrakech
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NOVEMBER 16, 2021


"Sleeping in a Camp in the Sahara was incredible. Even more so, the drive to the desert was broken up into lots of very interesting stops, including tours of Kasbahs, and even a movie studio which was way cooler than it sounds. Our driver Sharaf was professional, courteous and fun! we highly recommend this experience."

- Kim W.,

3 Days Luxury Desert Tour from Marrakech
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OCTOBER 30, 2021


"Fun experience. People are amazing. Camp was fun, camel ride and sunrise something everyone should experience."

- jtraxa, New York City, NY

3 Days Luxury Desert Tour from Marrakech

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2021


"This was the best experience we had while visiting Morocco. We were so lucky to have Redouane Ouadi as our driver; He was very reliable and trustworthy.

"He has a tremendous amount Of knowledge of the area. He made us very comfortable and made sure That we had an amazing experience. We were four girlfriends who wanted To vacation in an exotic place and have a unique experience. I highly recommend this excursion. Should not be missed while in Morocco"

- jihanshammas, Coranado, CA

3 Days Luxury Desert Tour from Marrakech

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JUNE 28, 2021


"We were so blessed to have Redouane as our guide/driver/friend throughout our tour.

"Every morning we were greeted with his amazing smile, assuring us that the day would be filled with fun and adventure.
He surpassed all of our expectations, knowing what we needed...often times..before we even knew we needed it.
He was fun, knowledgeable and attentive.

"He took care of everything we needed, no matter what time of day or night, always making us feel like we were his number one priority.
His customer service was exceptional and we very much enjoyed all of our time spent with him. He truly made our trip something we will always remember.

We highly recommend that you request Redouane as your guide if ever you find yourself in Morocco."

- Karin C.

3 Days Luxury Desert Tour from Marrakech

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MAY 18, 2019


"Diamant tours organised a wonderful trip around Morocco for 22 of us, led by Redouane who was brilliant. We had a lovely comfy bus with an excellent driver ,who took us safely to many beautiful places. Redouane was attentive, patient and very knowledgeable and gave us his full attention.

"He also arranged very good and affordable and spotless accomodation for us all. A trip I will never forget. The entire trip was well organised and affordable .Whether it's a small or large group, Redouane of Diamant tours Is highly recommended."

- Cheryl H., London, England

3 Days Luxury Desert Tour from Marrakech

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MARCH 9, 2019


"I have done a tour with Diamanté Tours, the whole tour was well organised and fantastic from the beginning to the end. Redouane, the main guide on our tour organised so many extras for us. (We did a nine day tour with him) I would highly recommend this tour and will certainly be doing it again myself."

- Lenmead1, Henley in Arden, UK

3 Days Luxury Desert Tour from Marrakech

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MARCH 8, 2019


I met a family who was traveling with them for almost 3 weeks and got to know them all closer very quickly. I was impressed by how happy and lucky this family ..

He was their link to the Moroccan world, and was patient just as happy to help! I was honored by being invited to his house in private and got to know things i couldn't experienced somewhere else. I met him and the family again for new year and was not surprised how he became part of the family within this short time. Back in Fes he was insisting me to stay at this house again instead of a hostel and enriched so my one-month backpacking trip was immense!

In him, I found a trustworthy, reliable and warm-hearted friend and learned even though I wasn't even his client in a short time more than i expected in the rest of my month traveling.

Regarding how efficient he showed the family i met around my parents decided to place him into service!

- Alexander L, in Munich, Germany

Multi-Day Custom Morrocco Tour

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JANUARY 18, 2016




About Journey Morocco

Founded by master travel authority Redouane Ouadi in 2012, we are Morocco's most trusted purveyor of premier tour amenities. Our tours and knowledge of Morrocco are unmatched. 


Your pleasure is our only priority

We are committed to looking after your joy at every step. We ensure exceptional attention to detail, with flawless execution, and are available to you 24/7. 


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We tirelessly sculpt each moment of your journey to exceed every expectation. Friendly, discreet, and well-informed, we deliver unrivaled service.o you firm.

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