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Essaouira, the Meeting Point

Essaouira, properly known as Mogador, is situated at the meeting point of two tribes: the Haha Berbers to the south and the Arab Chiadma to the north. The Gnawa, who originally hail from a region of southern Africa, and the Europeans round out the diverse cultural mix.


Essaouira (essa-weera, or es-sweera in Arabic) has been able to maintain its original culture and identity because of the coastal breeze, the elegantly termed alizee, or taros in Berber.



Crenellated walls, special wind, houses with white and blue facades, Essaouira, the ancient Mogador is the "Bride of the Atlantic".


It is one of those coastal cities where the unique atmosphere and water activities seamlessly blend. Walk quietly in the shade of its ramparts, the very ones that draw the contours of Astapor, the red city of the "Game of Thrones" series.


Climb these walls and take the parapet walk, from where you can see the Purpuraires Islands, falcons, gulls and seagulls hovering above this nature reserve. On the other side, surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers are taming the waves, taking advantage from the wind.


The "well drawn" Essaouira has some pleasant surprises in store for you. You can see every last piece of its history in the alleys.


Two citadels, the Squala of the Kasbah and the Squala of the port, flank its fortified ramparts, which are carved with imposing gates, works of art, and defensive structures.


You can wander around and get a general sense of the city in the shade of these walls.



You can get to the fishing port where the sailors are working by taking a stroll. Visit the fish market to sample the seafood that was caught that night. The medina, located in the heart of the city, welcomes you to explore its twisting lanes. The city, which Unesco named one of Morocco's most beautiful, beats to the rhythm of music every summer during the Gnaoua festival, which honors Afro-Maghrebin rhythms and makes visitors' stays memorable.


Explore its alleys to learn more about the enigmatic medina.


The Medina incorporates elements from both the east and the west, much like the rest of the city and the original Mogador that later became Essaouira.


Many consular residences are dispersed along the Ben Youssef mosque's winding streets, and the mosque's minaret stands.


Essaouira is the ideal location for artists due to its reputation as a crossroads of civilizations. The Sidi Mohamed Ben Adbdallah Museum, which maintains the memory of the crafts and common customs of the area, as well as other galleries and other locations that honor beauty and creation are waiting for them

  1. Royal Mogador CastlForteresse

  2. Medinas of Essaouira

  3. Kasbah Boulaouane

  4. Port of Essaouira

  5. Gnawa Music

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