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Eco-friendly "City of Light" Rabat launches bicycle cabs

With the launch of its bicycle cabs, the city of Rabat is introducing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional means of transportation to strengthen its urban transport. These tricycles are intended for passenger transport but also for tourist visits.

This concept is part of the dynamics that the city is experiencing, with the launch of the program called "Rabat City of Light, Moroccan Capital of Culture" which is undergoing a major restoration of its monuments, walls and historic streets. Rabat is getting more and more beautiful to seduce more and more tourists.

These bicycle cabs are equipped with pedals often assisted by an electric motor. These tricycles are distinguished by mosaic decorations that emphasize the traditional Moroccan touch.

Little by little, the capital will see these bike cabs occupy its streets, which will give a new charm to tourist trips. To ensure a better experience for the passengers on these three wheels, the young drivers have had prior training in communication, civic education and foreign languages.

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