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Tangier fairways: 18-hole golf course with cutting-edge amenities

Tangier, on the Mediterranean coast, is the place where influences converge naturally. Choose the greatest sports activities there that fit your skill level.

Golfing is a must-do activity in Tangier. The 18-hole course, Royal Country Club de Tanger, in the city has a lengthy history. The original golf course in Morocco, built in 1914 and designed by Cotton and Pennink, is now a cutting-edge layout featuring fairways, greens, and bunkers in a beautiful location. You can explore all of your passions amidst eucalyptus-scented cypress and pine trees.

The city of Tangier, which is situated on the strait, also provides a wide range of water sports. You might also be enticed to travel farther out because the Rifan reliefs make an excellent backdrop for hiking and trekking. You can experience both excitement and discovery in these mountains.

Tangier is a charming and vibrant city where you may go for walks and engage in entertaining activities. You can play golf, go hiking, or go boating and try other exhilarating sports activities.

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