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Fortnight Voyage

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If you yearn to see all of Morocco and have two weeks to explore hand-picked destinations, this is the tour for you. You will see the same sites Quintissential Morocco Tour, with the additional out-of-the way destinations of the northern Blue City Chefchauen and the southern beach and fishing village Essaouira.  

Day 1: Casablanca, the White City

Pricing of this itinerary


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  • 1-2 people: $29,157 per person

  • 3-4 people: $25,120 per person

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1-2 people: $22,959 per person

3-4 people: $19,780 per person
5+ people:
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1-2 people: $18,078 per person

3-4 people: $15,575 per person
5+ people:
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You'll eagerly anticipate the upcoming two weeks of unrestricted adventure in Morocco as you touch down in Casablanca. It's possible that you won't fully comprehend your holiday until you see your hospitable personal chauffeur waiting for you.

One aspect of Journey Morocco's
 uniqueness is the driver. They are consistently cited as one of the highlights of the experience since they allow you to experience Morocco as it truly is.

After weeks or months of planning your ideal getaway, picture hearing the words "Welcome to Morocco"...

He'll drive you to your hotel so you can unpack.

You'll then get to visit the Hassan II, one of the biggest mosques in the world, if your arrival time allows. You will be astounded by the mosque's vastness and magnificent architecture.

You'll breathe in the briny seaside air from the outside and be mesmerized by the gorgeous 210-meter minaret. King Hassan II believed that God's throne was on the water, which is why the mosque is located over the Atlantic Ocean.

During your guided tour, you'll get to explore the precisely planned interior. You'll be happy to having viewed this structure, which Casablanca can be proud of.


Imagine beginning the first full day of your specially planned trip to Morocco by waking up. After breakfast, you will depart Casablanca toward Chefchaouen, the renowned blue city in the Rif Mountains.

Along the route, you'll stop to take in the coastal city of Rabat. With a stay in Rabat, an imperial city, you'll get a sense of local urban life because it isn't as touristy as some of the other destinations you'll travel to.

After enjoying lunch in Rabat, you'll continue on to Chefchaouen. The time spent in the car is a great opportunity to unwind, get to know your driver, and find out what Morocco means to him. What should you not miss in Morocco, ask him?

Imagine a city where virtually everything is a refreshing shade of blue...

You'll have the impression that you are walking through another world or underwater! Your desire to take pictures of the striking icy-blue doors will prompt you to get your camera right away.


You'll be glad to know that you have a full day tomorrow in this enchanted location.