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Blue Chefchaouen, a picturesque village rooted in serene nature

How is it possible to resist giving in to Chefchaouen's natural beauty in this "Game of Thrones"-inspired city? It is no accident that both the Talassemtane National Park and the Bouhachem Natural Park were established with the intention of safeguarding the sites and fostering the growth of ecotourism.

Hikers enjoy the routes that bring them to Kalaa, Tissouka Mountain, Akchour, or Azilane as they traverse the 60,000 hectares of this hilly massif's forests of cedar, fir, and pine trees. From the famed Dieu Bridge, a natural arch 25 meters high near Akchour, to the Cherafat waterfalls around the mosque, whose melodies produced by water will comfort you, to the Ras Al Maa springs known as the Toughoubit cave, each place will shower you with its distinct ambience.

Not to be outdone, the beaches of Oued Laou and Targha are renowned for their pristine beauty and are the perfect location for those who adore the water.

Let yourself to be seduced by the blue pearl from Morocco.