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Cultural Tours of Morocco: Cities, villages, mountain and desert settlements

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Moroccan culture and geographical diversity come together in a romantic and captivating way. It serves as a point of entry into Africa from Europe. It is where the histories of the Berber, Roman, Arab, Spanish, and French come together to form something distinctively fascinating.

Along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines are laid-back fishing communities like bohemian Essaouira, Oualidia, Asilah, and Agadir with their long beaches that are kept cool by the ocean winds as dynamic, cosmopolitan port cities like Casablanca, Tangier, and the capital, Rabat.

Each city in Morocco has a distinct personality

The inland city of Marrakesh is home to opulent Moorish castles, tranquil courtyard gardens of opulent riad hideaways, and famed souks—a good enough reason to travel to Morocco. Fes, the spiritual center of the nation, has a medina that is even more tangled and transports visitors back in time. The magnificent blue town of Chefchaouen may be found wonderfully in the Rif Mountains to the north, while the nearby imperial Meknes has some impressive historical buildings.

Explore the diverse topography of the Moroccan landscape

The country is split in two by more challenging topography, with the snowcapped High Atlas providing a retreat for hikers and those looking to unwind in an area where Berber culture has mainly not changed for centuries. Follow passes up and over to sand-colored oasis communities, palm groves, and kasbah fortifications at their sun-baked southern edge, which were once staging areas for the vast camel trains that crossed the Sahara Desert, whose dune fields flow over the south boundary, trading gold for salt. Here, spending the night outside under the stars is very special.

What can you expect on your bespoke cultural tour with Journey Morocco?

After a camel ride in the dusk, you arrive at a desert camp and can only see the incandescent Berber tents covered in kilims. Over a campfire, a stew flavored with cumin simmers. Outside of the circle of light and the native singers, the sky is breathtaking.

You only fully appreciate how beautiful your desert surroundings are once a morning breeze stirs the flap of your tent. This is just one of many surprises we share from our Morocco travel journey. Gigantic sand dunes. The cool highlands are covered in cedars. Narrow gorges with the deep oasis that resemble ribbons.

And the Kasbah? It is the word for stronghold, and one of our hotels is a renovated fortress from the Middle Ages. The fantastic news is that a vacation to Morocco delivers everything you anticipate despite all of its shocks and adventure.

As we move along, we observe the vibrant, chaotic markets. A society accustomed to the variety of Berber, Arab, Jewish, African, and Mediterranean influences, Morocco offers warm hospitality. You might be shocked to learn that the country has a mild temperature, making it the friendliest and most inviting African country.

Photo gallery: Morocco's culture and heritage

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