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The spiritual and cultural significance of Berber music in Morocco

Updated: Apr 7

No trip to Morocco would be complete without immersing yourself in one of our favorite pass times: music! Singers, live musicians, and drummers are a frequent appearance at Moroccan restaurants.

Through music, one can delve deeply into Moroccan culture and way of life

You'll learn about the historical facets of Morocco and locations that would be difficult to visit on regular trips or with other modes of transportation. Moroccans' daily life are poetically depicted through Berber Music.

The experience of exploring Morocco through its music expresses ideas and emotions that are difficult to describe with words.

This is one of the most significant characteristics of Moroccan culture. Berber and Moroccan musical history tells the story of our ancestors, and weaves the tapestry of our Berber legacy, African ancestry, Arabic traditions, and wholly Moroccan identity.