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Forage beautiful, handmade crafts by local artisans in Meknes medina

The medina of Meknes is a place where modernism and traditional handicraft coexist.

Sometimes it feels like time stands still in the souks of Meknes.

Many artisans are hard at work creating and renovating traditional and contemporary wonders behind the city of Meknes' towering walls.

There are numerous shops in Place El-Hedime. Vases, plates, bracelets, and other exquisitely designed items can all be found with the damascening technique. These artisans also pass down their knowledge of tannery and embroidery from father to son.

Meknes' hinterland is extraordinarily rich, with lush ground supporting wineries, orchards, and olive groves.

There are plenty of options in this royal metropolis to purchase antiques and regional treasures.

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