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Stroll the beach by the Cornice in Casablanca

Casablanca, the vibrant hub of the Kingdom's economy, is known for its beautiful coastline, which is a great place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing or learning about new cultures.

Casablanca, a city with a rich history and modern, varied infrastructures, offers excellently prepared beaches as one of its chances. You can choose from a variety of activities at complexes that combine private beaches, water parks, and fitness centers that are located right in the middle, on the cornice of Ain Diab.

The beach in Ain Diab is well-equipped and invites you to try your hand at jet-skiing, windsurfing, or just relax in the sun on a lounge chair. You may enjoy food and beverages during the day and take in the Casablanca nightlife at night thanks to the long and picturesque coastline that is lined with cafes, restaurants, and clubs.

Several beach resorts are all at your disposal a short distance from the city. Learn about Dar Bouazza and its exclusive beaches with excellent sand and patio chairs. Visit Bouznika at its hotel complex, Bouznika Bay, where you may take advantage of the amenities and golf course.

On the Casablanca coast, there are things to do for fun and relaxation!

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