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Exploring the Pristine Wilderness by Southern Agadir

The surrounding region is one of Morocco's most stunning splendours.

Agadir is a must-visit location. As only nature can, the Souss Valley and, a little further, the summits of the Lesser Atlas Mountains, create lovely arrangements. You have many options in this backcountry to enjoy the thrills of adventure and ecotourism.

The Souss Massa National Park should not be disregarded if you enjoy being in natural settings with lots of room. There are 250 different avian species there, including the well-known bald ibis, as well as antelopes, wild boars, and mongooses. Take a hike through this remote area for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The rock walls at Tifnit, another location in the park, will capture your attention because they are covered in the long-abandoned, intricately carved homes of prehistoric cave dwellers.

It is simply breathtaking to see the flora that is expanding, thriving, and blooming throughout the area. After the winter, fruit-bearing plants like argan trees, which produce the famed oil, and almond trees become even more alluring. Roses grow, supporting the local honey industry. You can learn about the know-how, the culinary heritage, and the way of life of the area by traveling along scenic routes that are dedicated to these flowers.

One of the most popular pastimes in and around Agadir is exploration. Therefore, explore different locations and let nature and its wonders astound you!

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