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Natural hammams in the Meknes mountains

Meknes is a thermal resort city for hot springs enthusiasts.

Even more lovely than its royal city are Meknes' environs. Streams run through the hills and irrigate the area as they pass by the "Saiss" plains.

Many spas have been developed near this geographic diversity; you can discover spring water there that has both therapeutic and aesthetic benefits.

You can have a hot bath and a swim in the special waters of this soothing location in Moulay Yacoub. The fact that people swarm to "Moulay Yacoub" and "Ain Salama" as warming locations is not by accident.

You may witness traditional and contemporary furnishings, spa resorts, and the beautiful surroundings on its ancient street. Go around "Moulay Yacoub's" streets to find the best Moroccan mementos.

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