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Spoil yourself at the Meknes thermal spas

One of the stunning imperial cities of Morocco is Meknes. The town is surrounded by mountains, meadows, and thermal springs.

The city of Sais is situated on a plain that has a view of the Middle Atlas mountains. Consider these reliefs, from the imposing cedars that dominate the slopes to the waters that break to create lakes and energizing springs.

You are invited to investigate "Oulmès" and "Vittel" springs further. Explore these magnificent works of nature on foot, by bicycle, or by horseback. Visit El "Hajeb" to witness the naturally fascinating Lion Cave.

Climb the cliffs or stroll along them to see the plain unroll before your eyes in a breathtaking viewpoint that will stay in your mind. It is a mountain lake in other places; fish abound in its clear, fresh waters. Why don't you throw a line in it?

Meknes has some wonderful surprises in store for all lovers of open landscapes, especially with the Middle Atlas Mountains in the distance.

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