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Find one of the world's loveliest beaches in Agadir

A lovely natural getaway is Agadir.

The stunning Agadir is not to be outdone as a seaside metropolis. Visitors are enchanted by nature's pristine grandeur and diversity.

Since 2002, Agadir has been regarded as one of the most attractive cities in the world. It is situated in one of nature's most exquisite pearls, the Bay of Agadir. It has lovely places to unwind in addition to a stunning coastline and magical surroundings.

A marvel can be found a little ways from the center: the Cocco Polizzi medina. It is being rebuilt in the midst of a eucalyptus forest after the 1960 earthquake, and it covers a sizable area. Another magnificent sanctuary that is completely free to visit and covers 2.5 hectares is The Valley of the Birds. Enter the gates to find yourself in a totally different environment filled with exotic flowers, water, and birds of all kinds, including monkeys, kangaroos, and llamas that make wonderful friends.

Let your mind soar as you explore the lovely Agadir!

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