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Rocks, minerals, crystals and geology of Morocco

Famous Moroccan locations, including Toussit, Mibladen, Bou Azzer, Ouijda, and Aghbar have generated a staggering amount of exquisite minerals and crystals. Morocco has also produced outstanding azurites, cerussites, erythrites, apatites, calcites, wulfenites, acanthites, and other minerals. However, the country is likely best recognized for the premium vanadinites that come from there.

Diamond Transfers and Tours is extremely knowledgeable about the geology of Morocco. Additionally, we are highly educated about rocks, crystals, minerals and precious and semi-precious gems mined in the Kingdom. We have relationships with Morocco's finest and most reputable dealers in rare gemstones and minerals. Should you wish to acquire a piece during your trip, we will connect you with Morocco's foremost experts.

You can be assured of the most high-quality specimens at fair prices that are well below European and American retail prices for lower-quality pieces. The gems can be purchased raw or polished.

Read on to learn about Moroccan crystals, mines, and the history of our geology and tectonics.